Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

 Product name:

Full-auto digital blood pressure monitor

 Depressurization :

  Automatic Constant Speed Exhaust

 Model Number:


 Pressure Detection  :

  pressure sensor

 Display Type:

  Digital Form

 Power supply :

  4 batteries (4xAA)



 Battery Management :

  3Mins Power-off/Low battery indicator

 Measurement Range :

  0-300mmHg(pressure) 40-200Pulse/min (Pulse)

 Operating Environment :      

  +5°c- +40°c; 30-85%RH

 Date Memory :

  60sets (BP/PULSE/DATE/TIME),

M1/M2, 30sets each, two memory  zone

 Storage Environment : 

  -20°c- +55°c; 10-95%RH

 Accuracy :

  +/-4mmHg(+/-0.5kPa) +/-5%(Pulse)

 Dimensions :


 Pressurization : 

  Intelligent Automatic Pressurization

 Cuff size :


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