SP-800 Infusion Pump

The SP-800 pump is a highly economical volumetric infusion pump, built for safe and easy operation. Highly accurate infusion rates ensure patient safety and optimum therapeutic effect.


Features :

  • Unique door-free design
  • LCD Display
  • Accurate fluid delivery
  • Infusion speed adjustable.
  • Built in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Audio alarms: infusion completion, occlusion, air bubble, low battery, control abnormal, installation error, AC power supply.


Technical Specification:

  • Bolus: 600ml/h
  • Flow rate range: 1-600ml/h
  • Volume limit: 1-9999 ml
  • Accuracy:±5%
  • KVO flow rate:1ml/h, keep vein open KVO rate
  • Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 25VA
  • Water Proof: IP *I
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery,7.4 V,1650mAh
  • Electrical safety: compliance with the requirements of IEC 60601-1.
  • Max. Power consummation: 25W
  • Battery recharge: When the pump is connected to the AC power, the battery will automatically  recharge  About 8-14 hours to recharge fully  Can run for more than 5 hours continuously after fully recharged.
  • Fuse Type:220V 2A*2,12V 2A*2
  • Display or information: Flow rate, volume limit, accumulated volume, power indicator light, bed No., air, occlusion, empty.
  • Alarm function: Infusion completion, occlusion, air bubble, low battery, control abnormal, no AC power supply, installation error.
  • Max. size of outer shell:120*140*190 mm-length* width* height
  • Max. weight:<2.5 kg
  • Classification: Type B.
  • Outer shell material: ABS plastic
  • Operating condition: Environment temperature:+5℃- +40℃,atmosphere pressure 50-106kPa,related humidity 30%-90%
  • Storage and transport condition: Environment temperature -15℃- +50℃,atmosphere pressure 50-106kPa,relative humidity 30%-90%.
  • Applicable infusion pipe: All standard infusion pipe   use "double dove" to test
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