Comen C50 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor


10.4 inch TFT Touch Screen,waterproof design

Waterproof design, good performance in various environment

Inclined screen for easy observation

4000mAh Li-ion batteries, above 4 hours working time

With functions like ARR analysis, RESP Apnea Alarm, OxyCRG.

Auto dust shield to prevent from foreign matter

Intefaces: SD card, USB, Network, VGA, Nurse calling

Special NIBP socket airproof cover design

7-Lead ECG or 12-lead ECG analysis

Arrhythmia and S-T segment analysis, drug dose calculation

Pacemaker detection, Anti- defibrillate

External monitor connector (VGA output)

AC/DC power supply, pluggable built-in rechargeable battery, Power-off protection

Multi expanded functions reserved, such as SD socket, USB socket and Network socket

Standard Configuration

ECG/HR,SpO2,PR,NIBP,RESP,TEMP,RR, EtCO2 socket reserved
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