Askir 20 Surgical Suction Unit (Mains Only)


  • Easily transportable from one hospital ward to another, particularly suitable for tracheotomized patients, minor surgical applications and postoperative therapy at home
  • To be used for aspirating body fluids such as mucus or catarrh
  • Easily portable equipment designed for non continuous use 30 min. ON / 30 min. OFF, thanks to an electronic system for managing the electricity supply
  • A series of LED’s on the front control panel signals whether the machine is operating
  • Made of highly heat resistant, electrically insulated plastic material in conformity with the latest European safety standards
  • Supplied with a polycarbonate 1-litre autoclavable vessel complete with overflow valve
  • Equipped with aspiration regulator, located on the front panel





Overall Dimensions

350mm(L) x 210mm(H) x 180mm(W)


16l per minute

Unit Weight



230V  /  50Hz

Absorbed Power

184 VA


1 x 1.6A 250V

Maximum Vacuum

-0.75 BAR

Standard Accessories

ü    1l autoclavable jar (max temp. 120° C)

ü    Cover with safety float

ü    Silicone tubes set 6 x 10 mm

ü    Tube connectors

ü    Aspiration probe CH20

ü    Antibacterial Filter

Quality Standard


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