We are now offering mobicred & MoreTyme through our payment gateway partner:


mobicred is an online account that gives buyers access to credit, which they can use on PayFast. The facility works in a similar fashion to retail store credit: only online. mobicred charges interest rates comparable to those of credit card providers and only levies monthly fees while the account is used (unlike most credit cards).


  • Payments clear instantly
  • Gives access to buyers without credit cards
  • Available to buyers from most SA banks


The best way to pay

Forget store account interest. Forget waiting on lay-by. With MoreTyme, you get what you need now, and pay for it in 3 interest-free instalments. There’s no monthly fee and no fee when you buy, so you never have to pay more than the original price.

Take what you have and double it

That’s generally how much you can spend with MoreTyme.You might not be able to spend twice as much as you have in your EveryDay account if your MoreTyme limit is too low.

Here’s an example: Let’s pretend that your cellphone blows up (hey, it happens). You need to replace it ASAP. The one you want costs R3 000 but you only have R1 500 in your account and pay day is a long way off. That’s where MoreTyme comes in. It allows you to go ahead, buy the cellphone for R3 000 and take it home straight away.

You pay half up front and the rest over 2 months. Check out the table below for a breakdown of this example:

An example for a R3 000 purchase


Payment #1 Payment #2 Payment #3
Payment split R1500* R750* R750*
Purchase amount % 50% 25% 25%
When is it deducted? Upfront when you buy 30 days after purchase 60 days after purchase