CU Lifegain HD1-SP Defibrillator with 3 Lead ECG and Built in Printer

Technical Features

- LCD Dimension: 152mm * 91mm
- Type TFT Color
- Resolution: 800 * 480 pixels

- Waveform Truncated Exponential Biphasic (e~cube)
- Charge Time: Adapter : Less than 5 seconds to 200Joules
- Battery : Less than 7 seconds to 200Joules

AED Mode
- 12 leads simultaneously
- Output Energy: 200J
- Shock Delivery: Via multifunction defib electrode pads
- AED Develop Guideline: AAMI DF-80 guidelines
- Voice & Text Prompt: Guide the user through the protocol via multifunction defibrillator electrode pads
- Manual Mode
- Output Energy(Selected) 1~10J, 15J, 20J, 30J, 40J, 50J, 100J, 120J, 150J, 170J, 200J
- Shock Delivery: External Paddle (with Pediatric) / Internal Paddle
- Synchronous Cardioversion

- Continuous ECG Strip: Real-Time (8 seconds delay)
- Auto Printing: Recorder can be configured to print marked event, charge, shock And alarms
- Printing Speed: 25mm/s

50mm Width / 40mm Diameters

Automatic Self-Test
- Power on Self-Test
- Run Time Self-Test
- Manual Self-Test
- Periodic Self-Test(Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

Power Source
- External Battery Pack: Lithium Polymer
- Type: 14.8V 3.1Ah (Rechargeable)
- Capacity: When new, minimum of 100shock deliveries (200J)
- Output: 18V, 6A
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