GlucoFlex Visual Glucose Testing Strips (50/Vial) No Monitor Required

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Effective:       Glucoflex-R is a proven blood glucose testing solution for effective control of blood glucose levels.
Convenient: Glucoflex-R requires no coding, no batteries, no cleaning, no careful handling, no control solutions.

Our Glucoflex-R visual test strip is the perfect solution for patients and institutions looking for an affordable alternative to meter testing. Do you work in public and/or private healthcare? You will find that our visual strips can be useful in any setting:
Diabetics - Anyone with diabetes can use visual test strips to monitor and manage their diabetes. Visual test strips provide a cost effective and reliable alternative to meter testing. 
Mines - blood glucose meters are not always suitable for use in mines due to interferences and depth of the mine. Yet a person with diabetes who is working in the mines, may need to test their glucose levels during a daily shift.  Visual test strips are perfectly suited for use inside mines since they do not require a meter and can still ensure the worker is able to test when needed.
Emergency services & kits - use of a blood glucose meter is not suitable for emergency situations since they need regular maintenance checks.  This includes checking that batteries are working and the meter is calibrated correctly. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is growing every day. This has resulted in the need for glucose test strips to be included in emergency kits held in large multinational companies, education facilities and community groups in case of emergency.  The issue faced is the cost of a meter and is too expensive for inclusion in an emergency kit. Furthermore the need for product training, meter maintenance and inclusion of consumables like batteries and control solution are simply not feasible for this purpose.
Hospitals - many hospitals are struggling to cope with the increased demand for glucose testing and its cost.  Visual test strips can provide an affordable alternative to meter testing to help keep costs down. Sharing the one device in a busy ward is not always suitable. Ongoing product maintenance and quality control checks might mean the meter is not available. Visual test strips provides a convenient test that incorporates a quality control check so every strip can be checked before use. Plus there is no need for any additional maintenance since there is no meter required. 

Pathology - visual test strips can be supplied to the pathology units for use as a pre-screening test prior to ingestion of glucose solution by patients performing an oral glucose test.  This checks that the patient's glucose levels are not already too high which could result in a hyper if glucose solution is administered.

Testing for glucose using Glucoflex-R strips is an easy, 3-step process: 1. Apply blood, 2. wipe off blood, then 3. read the results.
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