Hemoscan HB Meter

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Principle : Reflectance photometry Sample : One drop of whole blood (at least 15 µl) Strip : Single use test strip, with lot-specific code per bottle Speed : Results in < 25 seconds Range : 4.0g/dL~24.0g/dL Memory Capacity : 250 test records Calibration : Self-calibrating Accuracy : 96% or greater Correlation Coefficient (R) : 0.98 Precision : CV < 5% Operating / Storage Temperature : 15°C ~ 30°C ACCURACY : PRECISION: The correlation is very good in the comparison done After testing the samples for high, medium & low between HemoScan & the Coulter AcT10. consistency, the CV of the repeated test results The correlation for the whole population is depicted below: are 2.93%, 3.37% & 3.34% respectively. Concentration levels were confirmed with Coulter AcT10. The precision results are shown in the table below:

ADVANTAGES:  Portable, battery operated analyser.  Designed for optimum performance & reliability.  Simple, Quick & Easy testing.  Provides precise analysis in seconds.  Uses digital Lot Code Entry instead of Code Chip.

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