Jerry II+ Pulse Oximeter & Temperature

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  •  Monitoring interfaces for Sp02. temperature, pulse rate & PLETH
  •  2.8 inch color TFT LCD In real time display. Displayable in big font and big screen
  •  Bluetooth wireless is very convenient to realize reviewing the measurements in big screen via connecting PC and to upload history data to PC lor review, printing or storage
  •  Unique software for tele-monitoring by transmitting data synchronously via internet
  •  Long time monitoring and sleeping monitoring
  • Storage Review trend data up to 3888 groups, data save time interval settable
  • Audio and visual alarm when parameters exceeded and sensor-off
  • Built-in rechargeable Ll-ion battery, up to 15-hour running time


Oxygen saturation ( Sp02 )

  • Sp02
  • Patient range; Adult, child and neonate
  • Measurement Range: 0%-100%
  • Accuracy: *2%(70%-100%), 0%-69% unspecified
  • Resolution: 1%
  • Pulse Rate
  • Measurement Range: 0bpm-250bpm
  • Accuracy: ±2bpm
  • Resolution: 1bpm

Temperature (TEMP)

  • Channel: 1
  • Input: Skin surface thermal-sensitive resistor
    temperature sensor
  • Measurement Range: 0°C-50°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C


  • Mode: Audio, visual
  • Type: parameters exceeded and sensor-off alarm

Storage and Review

  • Trend data up to 3888 save time interval settable

Display Mode

  • TFT LCD Screen : 2.8inch 240 x 320 dot matrix color TFT LCD

Operation Environment

  • Temperature: working: 0°C- 45°C
  • Transport and storage: -20°C-60°C
  • Humidity: working: 15%-95%(non-condensing)
  • Transport and storage: I0%-95%{non-condensing)
  • Altitude: working: 86kPa-106kPa. Transport and storage: 50kPa-106kPa

Power Requirements

  • Internal Battery:
  • Type: 3.7v Li-ion rechargeble battery Operating time: 15 hours Recharge time: 8 hours AC power adapter:
  • Input: AC100V-240V, 5060Hz, 5VA Output; D.C.5V
  • Dimension
  • 120mm x 60mm x 28mm
  • Net Weight
  • 195g (not include accessories)
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