Mission U120 Urine Analyser

The U120 Urine Analyzer is a high quality and competitively priced system developed for accurate and efficient Urinalysis testing.

 1)  Up to 120 tests/hour at Continuous Test Mode
  • Allows Analysis of Urine specimens quickly
  • Also available with 60 tests / hour at single test mode

2)  Minimal Training Required

  • Automatic calibration and easy to operate
  • Audible beep signals the operator when to dip the strips in Urine
  • Optional barcode reader to record Patient ID

3)  Convenient Operation

  • Saves and recalls the last 2000 records automatically
  • Can print up to 3 copies per test for convenient reviewing
  • Option to print on sticker paper for simple record management

4)  Reliable Strips Available for Analyzer and Visual Reading

  • 8, 9, 10, and 11 parameters available for analyzer reading, additional strips with 1-11 parameters available upon request
  • Strip selection of up to 4 combinations for analyzer reading
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