Multi-Function Visual Stethoscope

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  • Integrated with regular stethoscope, ECG waveform display, heart rate and pulse oximeter
  • Large LCD Screen Display:  160 x 96; LED back light
  • RS232 Interface connection to computer
  • Changeable SPO2 Sensor the different patient (neonate, infant and adult)
  • Freeze Function:  Convenient to observe the heart rate, ECG and SPO2
  • Real-time display of the heart rate, ECG and SPO2
  • Low power consumption, Long life battery
  • SPO2 optional
  • Weight:  200g
  • Power:  3.6V (Li-ion), Current:  ≤20MA
  • Operation:  ± 40 hours
  • Automatic shutt off after 4 minutes
  • LCD Display:  Piexel 160 x 96
  • Display Zone:  60 x 34mm
  • ECG Waveform rolling speed:  6.25mm/s,1.25mm/s, 25mm/s
  • Sensitivity:  Automatic
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