Professional Fiber Optic Pocket Otoscope & Opthalmoscope Set

Specifications: (Opthalmoscope)
1. Illumination form: Large light spot;small light spot; slit; central-net;red-free filter;
2. Diopter compensation: 0,±1,±2,±3,±4,±5,±6,±8,±10,±12,±16,±20,±25;
3. Bulb: 2.5V,1.6W halogen bulb;
4. Battery : 2×1.5V dry cell;
5. Packing size: 26cm×10cm×0.6cm;
6. G weight: 0.15kg;
1. Illumination form: Fibre optics;
2. Magnification: 2.5X;
3. Diameter of ear speculum: 2.5mm;3mm;4mm;
4. Bulb: 2.5V,1.6W halogen bulb;
5. Battery : 2×1.5V dry cell;
6. Packing size: 26cm×10cm×0.6cm;
7.  G weight: 0.15kg.


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