Syringe Destroyer Manual 800ml

Stops Reuse of Needles and Syringes
Saves Healthcare Professional from Needle Stick Injuries.
No Electricity Required.
No Burning, No Fumes
No Noise, No Smell
Capacity 3 Ltr.
Why Needed. A WHO Study Indicates following shocking facts:

Infected needles cause an estimated 8-16 million infections of Hepatitis B every year.
2.3 to 4.7 million infections with Hepatitis C every year.
Each year 80,000-1,60,000 are infected with the dreaded HIV Virus.
These infections cause an, estimated 1.3million deaths yearly.
Every year more than one million medical professionals in the United States alone are affected by these infected needles while handling and recapping causing an unknown number of infections viz: HIV, HBV, HCV, etc.
Used, disposable syringes and needles are recycled back into the medical profession by unscrupulous elements.
2). Electrical needle destroyers are rendered useless during power failure.

3). Electrical needle destroyers can not be used while on move in Ambulances or during field activities like Medical Camps etc.

4). Electrical Destroyers are more often prone to faults & need maintenance.

5). Due to presence of liquids in syringes most of the electrical needle destroyers are prone to electric shocks & short circuits etc.

6). In electrical Needle destroyers user has to first destroy the needle and then cut the syringe hub separately.

7). After use the cut needles and syringe hubs are required to be transferred to sharp containers for disposal and the same is very risky.

It does not require any electrical or battery power to operated.
Cuts the Needle and syringe in one single stroke.
Stainless Steel Body having facility to mount on table or wall.
Compact size makes it very convenient to use at all places.
Comes fitted with a sharp container meeting BMW requirements.
No need to transfer the contaminated and hazardous waste.
No repair or maintenance required.
Very long and trouble free service life.
Blades made of a special imported alloy for a very long life.
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