Table Top Sterilizer - 16L Microprocessor Control B-Class



  • Features 24 programs and special programs for PRION, LIQUID sterilization, BOWIE-DICK and PUMP test.
  • Microprocessor control systems containing 24 programs for full automatic operation from pre-vacuum to Drying.
  • Double water level checks device for water tank and chamber water level.
  • Double chamber pressure protection by pressure switch and steam pressure safety valve.
  • Emergency key to cut out the power supply and exhaust pressure of chamber at the same time.
  • Program selection: 121°/135°C; Wrapped/Unwrapped; Liquid; Dry/Non Dry; PRION; Bowie-Dick; Pump Test
  • Liquid sterilization program for laboratory and scientific use.
  • The “ERROR” indication helps users find the problems on function automatically.




SA-230MA (Class B)

Overall Dimensions

594mm x 522mm x 410mm

Chamber Dimension

230mm x 410mm



Temperature Display


Program Display

LED Digital

Power Consumption

1.9KW, 8 Amp

Auto-fill Water System

Yes (tank of 4.2)

Double Water Level Check Device

Yes : One for water tank ; one for chamber water level check

Auto Drying

Yes : 0, 15, 30, 35 or 40 minutes

Dry Vacuum




Safety Devices

·         Safety Valve (2.5Kg/cm²)

·         Over Temperature Protection

·         Over Pressure Protection

·         Auto Pressure-driven Door Lock

·         Water Level Sensor (Tank & Chamber)

Warning Indicators

·         Abnormal Door Lock

·         Low Water

·         Over Heat

Sterilization Temperature


Standard Accessories

Sterilization box x 1 ; Tray x 1

Optional Accessories

1)    Plate  Set: Plate x 3, Frame x 1, Plate holder x1)

2)    Spring Holder x1

Quality Standard


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