Askir C30 Mobile Suction Unit with Battery Backup

ASKIR C30 is a portable suction unit on castors for the aspiration of body liquids, oral, nasal and tracheal aspiration in adults or children. For professional use and with a powerful aspiration of max 40 l/min, ASKIR C30 comes with double collection jars and on a stand with five castors for easy transport. Main unit equipped with vacuum-meter (bar & kPa) and vacuum regulator.


Liquid Collection Jars with overflow valve system (different options, see below)
8x14 Silicone Tubes (autoclavable) + Conical Connector ø 10-11-12mm
Antibacterial & Hydrophobic Filter (single-patient)

Power Cord with Schuko plug


Motor Oiless and maintenance-free piston pump
Power Feeding 230V-50 Hz
ISO 10079-1Classification HIGH VACUUM / HIGH FLOW
Max free air flow rate 40 l/min
Max Vacuum (adjustable) -0.80 Bar -80 kPa -600 mmHg
Noise Level 61,5 dB
Power consumption 110 VA
Fuse 1 x F 4 A 250 V
Duty cycle Non-stop operation
Weight 6,5 Kg
Size 32x99x30 cm
Years of Warranty 2
Place of Manufacturing ITALY
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