Bougie Intubation Stylette (Eschmann Tracheal Tube Introducer)


  • Ultra smooth surface for low friction
  • Markings per cm
  • Angled coudé tip for ease of Intubation
  • Supplied sterile, individually packaged in easy to open sachets
  • Available in 6, 10 and 15Fr sizes to cover the full range of Patients

The Eschmann tracheal tube introducer (often incorrectly referred to as a "gum elastic bougie") is a specialized type of stylet used to facilitate difficult intubation. This flexible device is 60 cm in length, with a small "hockey-stick" angle at the far end. Unlike a traditional intubating stylet, the Eschmann tracheal tube introducer is typically inserted directly into the trachea and then used as a guide over which the endotracheal tube can be passed (in a manner analogous to the Seldinger technique. As the Eschmann tracheal tube introducer is considerably less rigid than a conventional stylet, this technique is considered to be a relatively atraumatic means of tracheal intubation.

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