COB LED Headlamp


Headlamps are one of those items that are a must on any outdoor scene. Many of the headlamps available on the market tend to have a very narrow beam of light. Personally, I think a wider beam of crisp bright light makes a headlamp far more EMS friendly. Having a wider beam of light makes the peripherals of a scene far more visible and therefore will help you to better identify dangers and potential dangers. Something else that I also think is important is being able to adjust the light source to dim light. I cannot imagine it being very comfortable having a really bright light shining in your patient’s face during an assessment.


The new LED Headlamp includes the latest COB (Chip on Board) technology which dramatically boosts the lumen-per-watt ratio while simultaneously improving battery life. It is packed into a hard-wearing and water-resistant body which makes it even more suitable for use in EMS.

What the COB LED Headlamp offers:

Chip on Board (COB) Technology
Max. 350 Lumen brightness
Multiple flashlight modes:
100% white
30% white
Constant red
Strobe/flashing red
IPX6 splash proof ABS body
Charging time:4h
Running time: 4h
Supplied with micro-USB charging cable
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