Shark Attack Kit

Description Quantity
Elastic Adhesive Plaster Roll 25mm 1
Combat Tourniquette 2
Combat Emergency Trauma Dressing 10cm 2
Alcohol Swabs (Singles) 5
Multi Trauma Pads 4
Crepe Bandage 150mm 2
Crepe Bandage 100mm 1
IV Cannula 8
50ml Syringe 1
Rescue/Space Blanket (Adult) 1
Scalp Vein Set 21G 1
Spencer Wells Artery Forceps 15cm 1
Examination Gloves (Pairs) 4
Trauma Pad 10cm x 10cm 4
Trauma Pad 10cm x 20cm 2
10cml Syringe 2
21 Hypodermic Needles 3
IV Admin Set 20dr/ml 2
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First Aid kits can be custom manufactured to meet your requirements.