Evacuation Stair Chair - 300H

Current delivery period: Approx: 2 Weeks

The Evacuation Chair 300H MK5 is lightweight and features a double-hand grip,
anti-slip grip, a redesigned hammock, and a unique friction belt to ensure a safe
and comfortable evacuation for the mobility impaired. With a 182kg payload
capacity, this is our most popular choice for single-person operation.

1 Double-handed grip enhances user operation
2 Anti-slip grip Improves stability and operation during passenger
transfer or when operating the kickstand
3 Redesigned hammock Greater passenger comfort
4 Unique friction belt system Self-braking track to control smoothness and speed of descent
5 Contoured headrest Accommodates new double-hand grips
6 Sewn-in safety belt Improves safety & durability
7 Redesigned kickstand, with repositioned rear wheels
Increased stability and enhances operator handling
8 Upgraded castor wheels
A stronger 50mm wheel improves operation
9 Simplified graphical instructions & user guide
Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions

 Height 1050mm (Folded)
Width 520mm (Folded)
Depth 210mm (Folded)
Weight 9.5Kg
Payload Capacity 182Kg


+ CE Mark
+ Registered Class 1 Medical Device

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