Family First Nebulizer


Effective medication delivery

One button operation

Ideal for all ages

Complete Nebulizer kit included

Small size and light weight

Quiet operation

Latex free                                                                      

Complete nebulizer kit included Adult mask+Pediatric mask + cup 6CC + mouthpiece + PVC tube +

5pcs filters 

-  Passed CE 0120

Specifications & Applications:

  1. Power: 230 V AC /50HZ or 120V AC /60HZ             
  2. Current: 0.7 / 1.5 A
  3. Max capicity of medicine cup: 6ml
  4. Particle size: 0.5 to 10um
  5. Average Nebulizer rate: ≥0.33ml/min
  6. MMAD:4.0~6.0um

7.Residual of a medicine <=0. 5ml

8.Noise: ≤ 55 dBA 

9.Unit size: 155X140X 95 MM

  1. Unit weight: 1.2 KG
  2. Suggested applications: hospital , clinical, nursing home, homecare.
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