NIO Intraosseous Needle

Circulation, the “C” of the basic ABCs of EMS, includes gaining vascular access when medications or fluids need to be administered. Often, our sickest patients have compromised circulation, which makes establishing IV access extremely difficult. However, even when the most skilled phlebotomist can’t find a vein, it’s often easy to find a bone. The NIO™ (New Intraosseous Device) from PerSys Medical lets you establish vascular access in as little as 10 seconds. This lightweight, single-use device is sterile in-package with a five-year shelf life. You simply place the NIO™ on the appropriate IO insertion landmark, turn the handle, squeeze to activate and insert the needle. No drills, batteries or other expensive bits and pieces required.

The NIO™ is available in an Adult Version (Grey and Blue) for insertion into the Humerus or Tibia. The Paediatric Version (Grey and Red) is suitable for insertion into the Tibia. The NIO™ is easy to learn, easy to teach, and one of the fastest methods of achieving vascular access. The NIO™ has been developed alongside Paramedics, Military Medics, Emergency Responders, and Emergency Departments worldwide. Case studies continue to show the benefits of intraosseous infusion and the NIO™ continues to excel in each study made.

Why make the switch to the NIO™

Pocket-sized and lightweight
5 Year Shelf Life
Vascular Access in 10 Seconds
Ready to use
Disposable Single Use
No maintenance required
No Exposed Needle
No External Power Source or Battery Required
Access Site indicated by Insertion Pointer
Adjustable penetration depth according to age
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