Practi-Family Adult/Child and Infant CPR Manikin Set

• The Practi-Family Combines the Practi-Man Advanced Dual Child/Adult torso with the Practi-Baby Infant.
Together, these two manikins will cover adult, child and infant CPR and chocking
• Practi-Baby Infant CPR Manikin
• Weight and size are realistic for infant CPR
• Exclusive breathing system including a functional nose
• Head tilt allows correct head placement when opening the airway
• Chest clicker can be turned on and off
• Stable placement when manikin placed in supine position
• Includes 5 x spare lungs and 2 x airway valves and user manual

• Practi-man Advanced Adult/Child CPR Torso
• High quality build
• Integrates adult and child CPR into one unit
• Unique mode switch to change between adult and child CPR parameters
• -Upgraded jaw allows for both head-tilt-chin-lift and jaw thrust manoeuvres
• Includes 5 x spare lungs and 2 x spare airway valves and user manual
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