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Practi-Man Plus CPR Manikin with Compression Feedback Monitor

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Each manikin comes with its own feedback device that connects to the manikin via wireless technology. The setup is easy, simply turn on the device and press down once on the manikin’s chest to pair them, then you are ready to go. The device provides information on speed and depth of compression and chest recoil, giving you and your students results that are easy to read.

This manikin makes delivering training more fun and more informative without the hassle of asking students to download apps to their mobile devices.

The Practi-MAN Plus Manikin can also be used to demonstrate and practice the use of OP airways. Simply remove the rigid airway housing that supports the valve system, and practice your OPA insertion technique…


  • Uniquely designed dual-function Adult and Child CPR Training Torso
  • Switch between adult and child mode by pressing the mode selector on the feedback monitor
  • Saves you the need of having to buy separate manikins to teach both Adult and Child CPR
  • Can be used with most AED Trainers
  • One-way valve system on airway promotes excellent hygiene
  • Replaceable face and chest skins
  • Extra skins can be purchased as an addition to your Practiman and can be interchanged while cleaning
  • Excellent quality
  • Feedback monitor provides visual feedback on rate and depth of compression
  • Monitor displays test score 10 seconds after CPR is stopped
  • Feedback monitor can also be used in blind mode where feedback is not visible in real-time, but test score will still be displayed 10 seconds after CPR is stopped
  • Supplied with spare lungs and airway valves, as well as CPR Face Shields and Bag
  • The most cost-effective CPR Training Torso on the South African Market
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