Basket Stretcher – Plastic with Lifting Bridle

  • Portable basket stretcher for moving, immobilizing, lifting and carrying adults in the pre-hospital care environment.
  • Molded runners and 12 handholds making it easy to handle even over rough terrain.
  • Supplied with a lifting bridal for helicopter and aero-medical operations
  • Supplied with universal floatation attachments manufactured from non-rotting polypropylene material (2 piece system).
  • Length: 215cm
  • Width: 64cm
  • Depth: 18cm
  • Weight: 20Kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 272Kg

A lifting bridle with storage pouch that meets FDA, CE and MD approval is included.

The basket stretcher is constructed out of high-density polyethylene shell, supported by permanently attached heavy duty aluminum frame.

Chemical, UV, rust and corrosion resistant.

Four quick-release patient restraint straps are 45mm nylon.


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