Synthetic Orthopedic Padding

Synthetic Orthopedic Padding 

Size Nappi Code Pack Size
5cm x 3m 176677 001 roll
7.5cm x 3m 176681 001 roll
10cm x 3m 176679 001 roll
15cm x 3m 176678 001 roll
20cm x 3m 176687 001 roll

100% Polyester padding with a water-shedding ability that helps to keep skin dry due to low moisture absorbency and therefore minimizing skin maceration

Soft and high loft with a high fleece density, providing superior cushioning and patient protection as well as reducing the risk of rubbing and cast sores

Excellent conformability for easy application around awkward contours, minimizing patient trauma and ensuring a smoother finished cast

Easy to tear helping conformability and easy application, reducing the risk of stressing a fracture when finishing any padding application.

Paper wrapped and therefore convenient for autoclaving in case a procedure requires sterility

Compatible with all casting materials, POP, synthetic, fibreglass and thermoplastics

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