Ultrasound Gel

– Water soluble and non-greasy.
– Will not irritate skin or damage the ultrasound applicator or electrodes.
– Spreads easily and evenly.
– Very efficient coupling medium for ultrasound transmissions.
– Chemical Composition: Polymer, humectants, water, approved food colour, perfume and preservatives.

Technical Parameters:
– Sound Speed (35º C): 1520~1620 m/s
– Sound Impedance Frequency (35º C): 1.5~1.7× 106 Pa• S/m
– Sound Attenuation (35º C): ≤ 0.05 dB/(cm• MHz)
– Viscosity (25º C): ≥ 15 Pa• S
– PH Value: 5.5~8.0

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